Batista Returns to WWE RAW (Photos & Video)

Batista Returns

– Batista returns to WWE at the start of tonight’s RAW and told Randy Orton that he’s going to win the Royal Rumble, headline WrestleMania 30 and win the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Here’s the photos:


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have made their way out. Stephanie also welcomes us. Triple H says the Road to WrestleMania begins this Sunday. He hypes the Royal Rumble 2014 pay-per-view and how the winner gets a shot at WrestleMania XXX. Triple H says it’s honor to welcome back one of those 30 men. A man who has sometimes been a foe and sometimes been a friend. Triple H says they have evolved together. Instead, Randy Orton’s music hits and out comes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H doesn’t look happy about it.

Orton wants to get right to it but Stephanie is upset. She plugs the WWE Network. She talks about Orton losing to Kofi Kingston last week and we see footage, including Orton’s attack on John Cena’s father. Stephanie yells at Orton for attacking a helpless old man with his back turned. Stephanie says these actions are unbecoming of the WWE World Champion. She says this is a new era, a new regime and a new authority. If Orton can’t abide by that authority, he can lose his title or even his spot on the roster. Orton blames everything on Stephanie and Triple H. He’s not happy about facing Cena at the Royal Rumble. Orton brings up Brock Lesnar and Batista being brought back. Orton says there wouldn’t be a Network without him. Fans start chanting for Batista. Orton wants them to tell him how he’s supposed to react to all the blatant disrespect. Orton says if he could go back and do it all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing. Triple H tells Orton to take the bass out of his voice real fast. Triple H says they made Orton the face of WWE because they believe in him. They believe he is the complete package and that he has the goods to walk through any obstacle. They believe he is that good. Triple H says Orton has lost the faith in himself and brings up the loss to Kofi. Triple H expects Orton to rise up and make the loss right but that’s not what he did, he punched an old man in the face. Triple H says Orton can get through Cena, Lesnar and Batista if he rises up. Triple H says Orton needs to fix a lot of things tonight. Orton vs. Kofi is announced for tonight. Triple H shows us the parking area in the back. He says that’s where John Cena will arrive tonight. Triple H has a camera there so we all know when Cena arrives. Triple H says Orton will have the opportunity to step in the ring with Cena and make things right. Triple H says Orton will do all these things alone. Batista’s music hits to a huge pop.

Batista comes out to a huge pop and gets pyro. He’s dressed in street clothes and makes his way into the ring with a spotlight on him. Batista hits the turnbuckles and poses for the fans as Orton looks on. Fans start chanting Batista’s name as his music stops playing. Batista drops and kisses the mat before hugging Triple H and Stephanie. Orton extends his hand and gets booed. Batista says hello to Orton. Batista understands Orton has some questions about his return. Batista says he is back because he wants the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Batista doesn’t care if it’s Orton, Cena or someone else. He says he’s back to win the Royal Rumble and be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and go on to headline WrestleMania. Batista drops the mic and tells Orton to deal with it as his music starts up again. Batista heads up the ramp as Orton fumes.