Adidas Takes Issue With Vince McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment Logo

Vince Mcmahon XFL Alpha Entertainment Logo

It looks like the famed sneaker and clothing brand, Adidas, has taken issue with Vince McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment logo. McMahon created Alpha Entertainment to front his XFL relaunch project. The XFL will officially kickoff in 2020. McMahon’s first attempt at the XFL failed in the early 2000s. Now, it appears that he wants to give it a second go.

As the XFL prepares for kickoff, it looks like McMahon is facing issues regarding Alpha Entertainment’s logo. Adidas has reached out to the United States Patent & Trademark Office and asked for more time to oppose the logo McMahon registered for the company.

Adidas feels as though the logo infringes upon their brand. The company has been given a March 6, 2019 deadline to file an opposition or another extension before doing so.

Earlier this year McMahon held a press conference on Alpha Entertainment’s YouTube channel, announcing the XFL relaunch. McMahon’s goal is to make the XFL “football reimagined” from the NFL’s product. This could mean anything from shortening the game, changing of the rules to make it more physical, or anything else. No news has surfaced in regards to team names and where they might be located, but expect more on that in the coming months.

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