AJ Styles Reveals His Entrance Music Was Originally Made For James Storm

Former World Champion AJ Styles returned for his Twitch Stream recently to talk with fans and he discussed a number of things including the story behind his ring name and more.

The Phenomenal One first talked about his early career and how his stint with WCW came to be. Though he said that he is glad that WWE did not pick him up when the company took over WCW because he was not ready.

Styles finally made it into WWE in 2016 and the former World Champion debuted with a new theme song which has since become synonym with his name. However, he revealed that the song was originally made for James Storm:

“As far as entrance music goes, when I first started with WWE, I got in contact with our guy and he goes, ‘Hey, tell me kind of what you like, what you don’t like.’ And I was like, ‘Dude, I’m kind of a rap guy.’

I just told him a bit of what I liked” said AJ Styles “And that’s what they came up with – the music that I have, which is awesome, but, truth be told, it was made for James Storm when he was doing NXT.”

After leaving TNA in early 2015, James Storm made a couple of appearances for WWE and he was offered a development contract with the company.

Though the former TNA Champion chose not to sign with the promotion and he returned to Impact Wrestling in January 2016, around the same time when AJ Styles made his WWE debut.

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