Alberto Del Rio Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault

José Alberto Rodríguez Chucuan, better known to professional wrestling fans as Alberto Del Rio, Alberto El Patrón or Dos Caras Jr., has been arrested in San Antonio, Texas after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman who has yet to be identified.

According to News4SanAntonio.com, the former WWE, IMPACT Wrestling, CMLL and AAA World Heavyweight Champion is being accused of “causing multiple injuries” to the unnamed woman’s body, as well as “forcing her to wear a dress and dance for him.” According to what the woman told the police, when she tried to resist, Del Rio slapped her over the head and threatened to “take her son and drop him in the middle of the road somewhere.”

She also reportedly told police that he sexually assaulted her, and her injuries have been photographed by the police.

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