Alberto Del Rio Won World Heavyweight Championship On Smackdown

Alberto Del Rio– Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing match at tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Miami to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Del Rio celebrated and posed with the fans after the match. Earlier in the night, he had a strong chant from the Miami crowd.


Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing match on smackdown 1/11/13.

Del Rio came out in a Lamborghini. Big Show put him through a table on the outside. Del Rio starts using a chair on Show in the ring. Lots of back and forth. Show hits a choke slam and Del Rio gets up after 7. Outside the ring, Big Show slams Del Rio through the ringside barricade. Del Rio gets up after a 9 count and the crowd goes nuts. Back in the ring, Big Show nails Del Rio with the WMD knockout punch. Del Rio makes the count by rolling out of the ring at the last second and standing up. Big Show tries to hit Del Rio with ring steps but it backfired and he hits himself. Del Rio hits Big Show with the ring steps 3 times and Big Show is hurt. Del Rio turns the announcers table onto Big Show and gets the 10 count for the win.

And new World Heavyweight Champion – Alberto Del Rio! Del Rio celebrates in the ring and in the crowd.

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