Andrade Mocks Sin Cara Over His Release Request, Most Memorable Survivor Series Eliminations

Sin Cara made some headlines yesterday when he took his Twitter and revealed that he has decided to ask for his release from WWE in a lengthy statement.

Andrade, who has recently been feuding with Cara took notice of this Tweet and the former NXT Champion mocked his statement with a tweet of his own which roughly translates to “I couldn’t retire Rey Mysterio but Sin Cara better run, retire or quit hahaha,”:

While Sin Cara made the decision to go public with his request, latest reports suggest that WWE officials have not accepted his release request and he is likely to stay with the company until his current contract expires.

Most Memorable Survivor Series Eliminations

WWE recently posted a new video listing some of the most memorable Survivor Series eliminations ahead of the 33rd edition of the event taking place later this month.

The video takes a look at some of the most interesting eliminations in the traditional tag team elimination matches from the Survivor Series PPV.

The list includes moments such as Ric Flair winning the 1991 elimination match for his team after the referee disqualified everyone else and Sting making his WWE debut during the 2014 edition of the PPV. You can check out the full video below:

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