Arn Anderson Says Randy Orton’s The Best Heel In The Business

Randy Orton

Arn Anderson recently spent some time talking about Randy Orton on an episode of the Arn Show. According to the Enforcer, when Orton’s allowed to get heat, he’s the best heel in the business.

“When he’s a heel and allowed to get heat, he’s the best heel in the business and I believe that,” Anderson said. “Randy works old-school, Randy doesn’t do a one-and-a-half off the top. He doesn’t dive out on the floor, he doesn’t do any of those things.”

“Once Randy starts getting heat, you feel that. It’s an old-school, straight-forward beatdown but he’s just so smooth in the ring.”

“He just has that look man. He just looks like a guy that would reach over and bite your nose off.”

Anderson also noted that Orton is not as comfortable playing a babyface role.

“He’s an excellent heel. Now, when he gets forced into a babyface role and trying to work babyface, Randy will tell you he’s not as comfortable. I agree with him, he’s a much better heel.”

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