Arn Anderson Says Triple H’s Ideas Will Never Override Vince McMahon

WWE Wrestlemania 31

AEW on-air talent and former WWE agent Arn Anderson recently talked about the relationship between Triple H and WWE CEO Vince McMahon. This week’s episode of the ARN podcast focused on WrestleMania 31, which featured the controversial encounter between Sting and the aforementioned HHH.

Arn Anderson on Triple H/Vince McMahon

Anderson was discussing how a number of WWE fans believe that the company will be different once/if Triple H takes over the creative reins overall. The match between HHH and Sting was arguably a creative train wreck, and co-host of ARN Conrad Thompson asked if it was Triple H who likely booked the match or if Vince McMahon had final creative say.

“I know that Hunter will never be able to override Vince’s idea” Arn Anderson began. “No matter how good [the idea] is that he has. Or how it applies, or what you know is more appropriate. It would always be Vince’s idea.”


Arn Anderson

Anderson would elaborate further, saying that “the harder you push against him [Vince], the harder he pushes back. And he just happens to have a lot more weight behind his push.” Arn would also discuss how the flow of the match was almost nonsensical; especially with the talents who were hitting finishers that were easily kicked out of. “There was a whole bunch of sh*t. I mean why would you kick out of Shawn Michaels Superkick on top of Hunter’s Pedigree? And all the other finishes you compile and pile on top of each other?”

Arn would finish by saying that “you’re not building anybody, you’re killing everything off. I don’t understand why guys of this era don’t understand your finish is the one thing that should be sacred. Once you hit your finish on the guy, he’s beat. That’s why it’s your finish. If you didn’t have confidence in it because it had a proven record; then why is it the move that you choose to win a match?”

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