Arn Anderson Talks When Shane McMahon Wanted To Be a ‘Full Time Wrestler’

AEW on-air personality and former WWE agent Arn Anderson recently discussed when Shane McMahon left WWE back in 2010. Anderson was discussing the Money In The Bank 2010 PPV on his ARN podcast alongside Conrad Thompson this week.

McMahon originally left WWE back in 2010, with his announcement coming in October of 2009. Shane made the following statement at the time: “Having been associated with this organization for the majority of my life, I feel this is the opportune time in my career to pursue outside ventures.”

Arn Anderson on Shocking Shane McMahon Exit

Arn Anderson addressed when Shane left the company back in 2010, saying he was shocked at the decision from the man who appeared to be the heir apparent to the company. “Yeah, I was [shocked]. It was/is a family owned business” Arn began on the podcast.

“I thought he would be there forever, I like Shane, I’ve always like Shane” Anderson continued. “Shane was one of those guys that when he came in the door? He had that gleam in his eye that he was there because he was really having fun and wanting to be there.”

Arn would then discuss how McMahon wanted to be a ‘full-time’ wrestler in WWE. “Shane wanted to be a wrestler. I’m sure if you asked him? He’d say he wanted to be a full time wrestler. And in those days? He was gung-ho for anything. He was just a guy that was glad to be there. You never looked at Shane as just being the boss. I mean, he was like one of the guys.”

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