Backstage News on Sting’s WWE Debut, Why WWE Survivor Series PPV Was Free?

WWE Survivor Series 2014

– Regarding Sting’s WWE debut at Survivor Series, earlier in the weekend the plan that was still to do an “unveiling” type of promo with him but obviously plans changed and they went with a much bigger angle. There were some other changes, at least in the script, as the Sting debut was still scheduled to happen before or after the Divas Elimination match, which actually happened earlier in the card. This wasn’t confirmed but it’s possible that WWE officials put Sting’s “unveiling” in the script and few people knew about the actual main event angle.

WWE brought Sting in right now to give WWE 2K15 a promotional boost but also to play a part in their big Survivor Series strategy.

WWE wanted to use the “free” pay-per-view to drill home that anything can happen with the WWE Network and anyone can show up. Officials really wanted to push the Network last night, which is why they announced the Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt match at TLC and why they announced the live Steve Austin podcast with Vince McMahon.

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