Backstage News On Triple H Receiving A ‘Quiet Demotion’ Within WWE

Triple H

riple H is generally considered to be the successor of Vince McMahon. However, the latest news on the matter is not very positive for the Game and reports suggest that he has been given “quiet demotion” within the company recently.

According to reports from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The former World Champion’s roles within the company have changed recently and his job title has been edited as well.

Triple H had been working as the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events & Creative since 2013 and he also has the Senior Producer and creator role with NXT.

However, things have changed recently and the former Evolution member has been given the edited job title of Executive Vice President of Global Talent Development & Strategy.

His main job was being the head of talent relations but The Game has now been moved away from this role and his main duties now are the operation of NXT, selling the NXT TV rights to oversees partners, and overseeing the global expansion of the NXT brand.

Brad Blum, who is Vince McMahon’s Chief of Staff, has taken over Triple H’s previous duties which include the duties of negotiating contracts with talents.

This is a big change and according to the report, people within the company have called it a “quiet demotion” for Triple H.

This change had been kept quiet for almost 5 months before finally being revealed in an SEC filling and the situation has been described as ‘curious’.

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