Bad News Barrett on WWE Embracing Internet Wrestling Fans, His Upcoming WWE Return

WWE IC Champion

– Bad News Barrett recently spoke with The Huffington Post. Below are a few highlight:

WWE’s view of internet fans:

“Traditionally, WWE used to shy away from that internet kind of fan base. But I think increasingly, in life in general and every aspect of entertainment, social media, the internet fan base is now massive. It’s gone from being a minority of people who use that kind of thing — Twitter and forums — to pretty much everybody in some respect. With Instagram and Facebook, the Internet fanbase is the masses nowadays, so I think you’re foolish not to embrace that. WWE has been at the forefront of embracing that in the entertainment industry.”

His upcoming return:

“It’s going to be interesting. Sometimes being away from TV for four months or six months or whatever it’s been can really help you. People miss you and are happy to see you back. On the other hand, people can forget about you.”

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