Batista Is WWE 12 Playable Character, 23 Championship Belts Included – THQ Wanted Chris Jericho

– Former four time WWE World Champion Batista has become the latest superstar to be unveiled for WWE



THQ posted the above screenshot on their official website yesterday which confirms yet another current non-WWE employee as featuring in the game, set for release November 22nd in the U.S. and on November 25th in the United Kingdom. The screenshot depicts him going up in a match against The Miz.

Recently Brock Lesnar was revealed for game and just a few days ago, Macho Man Randy Savage was announced as a new addition.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”U26VPT9Z8x8″]



Meanwhile THQ have also announced as many as 23 different championship belts being included in the game, including the long defunct ECW, WCW and Attitude Era belts. Hopefully these belts can be assigned to different brands on the show as it’s about time the Cruiserweight Belt was active again in the WWE Universe.


1. Hardcore Championship
2. Million Dollar Championship
3. Unified WWE Tag Team Championship
4. ECW Championship
5. Attitude Era Heavyweight Championship
6. Champion of Champions Title
7. Classic WWE Intercontinental Championship
8. WWE Light Heavyweight Championship
9. WCW World Heavyweight Championship
10. Undisputed Championship
11. Classic ECW Championship
12. European Championship
13. WCW Championship
14. WWE Championship (WCW spray-painted)
15. WCW World Heavyweight Championship (WCW spray-painted)
16. WWE Championship
17. World Heavyweight Championship
18. WWE Tag Team Championship
19. World Tag Team Championship
20. Cruiserweight Championship
21. Women’s Championship
22. United States Championship
23. Divas Championship


– THQ Wanted Chris Jericho in New WWE Video Game

THE new WWE video game, WWE ’12, features plenty of superstars who are no active wrestlers (with WWE). The list includes: Brock Lesnar, Batista, Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat etc. However, the game will not feature the first ever Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho.

The news was broke several weeks ago, but THQ’s Creative Director Cory Ledesma may have mistakenly given us an insight to why Jericho isn’t in the game. Last night he tweeted a reply to a fan questioning why Jericho wasn’t in WWE ’12, but then later deleted his tweet. His tweet read: “Not having Jericho on the roster was not a creative decision. Cant say much more than that. Factors beyond our control. We wanted him too.”

Ultimately, WWE officials give the final approval to the roster of a WWE video game.With this latest development, perhaps not having Jericho in the game is a ploy to entice Jericho back to WWE?


And for those who like to play and wrestle with woman, THQ have announced that the DLC pack #2 will release in December 2011 with Trish Stratus, Kharma, The Bella Twins, Vickie EXCUSE ME Guerrero and Alicia Fox (she will be part of the free Divas DLC).


WWE 12 is released at the end of next month. Pre-order your copy HERE.

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