Becky Lynch Breaks Ronda Rousey’s Championship Record

“The Man” Becky Lynch has passed an import championship record previously held by Ronda Rousey. Lynch’s current reign with the RAW Women’s Championship is now the longest single reign in the title’s short lineage.

Longest single-reigns RAW Women’s Championship:

  1. Becky Lynch (WrestleMania 35 – Present) 232+ days as champion.
  2. Ronda Rousey (SummerSlam 2018 to WrestleMania 35) 232 days as champion.
  3. Alexa Bliss (RAW 8/28/17 to WrestleMania 34) 223 days as champion.
  4. Charlotte Flair (WrestleMania 32 to July 25th, 2016) 113 days spent as champion.
  5. Alexa Bliss (Payback 2017 to SummerSlam 2017) 112 days as champion.

Lynch commented on passing Rousey’s record on Twitter.

She will team with Charlotte Flair at Starrcade this weekend and challenge the Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Lynch currently ranks 3rd all-time in terms of total days spent with the RAW Women’s Championship. She passed Rousey today for that spot and now trails only Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss. Lynch will pass Flair in this stat in 10 days.

Combined Days Spent as RAW Women’s Championship

  1. Alexa Bliss (3x) 398 total days spent as champion.
  2. Charlotte Flair (4x) 242 days spent as champion.
  3. Becky Lynch (1x) 232+ days spent as champion.
  4. Ronda Rousey (1x) 232 days spent as champion.
  5. Sasha Banks (4x) 82 days spent as champion.
  6. Bayley (1x) 76 days spent as champion.
  7. Nia Jax (1x) 70 days spent as champion.
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