Big Show Explains Difference Between The Backstage Environment Of Attitude Era And Today’s Era

WWE Big Show

Big Show has lived through both the Attitude Era and The Ruthless Aggression Era in WWE and as he confirmed during a recent interview, he is not ready to hang his boots yet.

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, the former World Champion talked about the different eras he has lived through and compared the backstage mentality of them.

Show said that the locker room was more competitive back in the Attitude Era because your position on the card had a direct relation to how much money you were going to make.

He claimed that it was a shoot in the respect that if you were champion of any division or you were being featured on the upper end of the card then you made more money compared to those who were not in similar positions.

Explaining the atmosphere back then, the Largest Athlete In The World said that it wasn’t the everybody gets along situation like today as you didn’t like the guys who were making more money than you.

Finally, he said that you had the opportunity to work live events and get over by working an angle in order to be paid more and claimed that the biggest thing that bothers him in today’s wrestling is that everybody is too nice to each other.

Apart from this Big Show also said that today there is a lack of storytelling and in-ring psychology and he wishes that today’s stars were more motivated to make a name for themselves.

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