Big Show’s WWE Contract is Up, Career Believed to be Over

Big Show

While this hasn’t been made official, it is believed that Big Show’s current contract with WWE is up and his in-ring career is over.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated last year, Big Show mentioned his contract is up at the end of February 2018. At the time, Show said he had no plans to continue wrestling after. He hasn’t made any comments since then indicating his plans have changed.

Big Show Retirement Plans

“No last matches, no fanfare, just ride off into the sunset and disappear,” said Big Show said. “That’s more my style. I’ll find something else to do that is inspiring—and let these new kids take the business and the reigns and let them build the future. I wish them all luck. Everything changes. We’ve got a great group of talent that deserves the spotlight.”

With today being the last day of February, unless something has changed which has not been talked about, today is the last day of Big Show’s in-ring career.

Big Show continued to mention what may be next in his career. “I may work in some sort of ambassador capacity for WWE. I’m going to try to pursue a course with this Jetsons cartoon. I’ve pestered Seth Green, who is like the cartoon king, to get me some more cartoons. I’ll try to do some more films, and that’s my transition. I’ve had a great career and I’m really thankful for everyone I’ve worked with, but everything comes to an end.”

His last match was September 4th, 2017, a loss to the Braun Strowman inside a steel cage on Raw. He mentioned in a later interview he had hip surgery not long after.

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