Bill Goldberg on WWE 2K17 — Talks Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Sting, More


As seen below, IGN spoke with Bill Goldberg on the set of his new WWE 2K17 commercial. Below are highlights:

* Goldberg says being featured in the WWE 2K17 game is an honor that’s hard to put into words because of the footsteps he’s following. He says it’s a huge honor and not one to be taken seriously

* He mentions he would love to wrestle Sting again and talks about potential matches that fans can create in the video game now

* In regards to who he would play with if he wanted to beat himself, he named Brock Lesnar because Lesnar is the only one that might have a chance to beat him. He said The Undertaker might have a shot but he’s getting up there in age like Goldberg

* When asked about matches he would want to recreate, he mentions Sting and says his match against Diamond Dallas Page at Halloween Havoc and says that was his best match by far

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