BOBBY Lashley Open to a WWE Return

BOBBY Lashley, former (WWE) ECW Champion and current Shark Fights Heavyweight Champion, has been speaking on the possibility of a return to pro wrestling and WWE.

The 35-year old said to Slam Sports: ”There’s of course unfinished business in WWE, there’s always some unfinished business somewhere, but I believe there’s still something’s to accomplish in WWE, definitely. I’m completely open to going back, I would love to come back and do something big if there was an opportunity presented, I would definitely consider it.”

Lashley is perhaps best known for his Wrestlemania 23 match against Umaga. Vince McMahon and Donald Trump had wagered their hair on the match and Trump was in Lashley’s corner as he was successful. McMahon was shaved bold as a result. Lashley’s WWE release came in early 2008 and focused on his MMA career. He currently has a 7-1 win record in MMA and is the top champion in Shark Fights.


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