Booker T On Where Luke Harper Could Be Headed After His WWE Release

The recent release of Luke Harper and other WWE stars is still a hot topic of discussion among wrestling fans and people have been talking about what the future might hold for these talents after their release from the promotion.

Former World Champion Booker T joined this conversation recently when he talked about the news on the latest episode of his Hall Of Famer podcast.

The former WCW star first talked about Harper being underutilized in the company and he then went on to claim that he sees Japan written all over him:

“I see Japan written all over this kid. I see New Japan. I see this guy working over there for many, many years getting paid some long, long, long green duckets because they love big Americans like Luke Harper in Japan, so I see Luke Harper having a great career even after WWE, making perhaps more money than he ever made in his life.”

Booker T later explained that if Luke can turn out to be like Stan Hansen, then he would be able to make a whole lot of money while working in Japan.

Apart from this, Booker T also talked about the Ascension and discussed how it’s very hard to duplicate The Road Warriors because they were the first ones to come to the ring with the face paint and shoulder gears.

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