Booker T Reveals He Tested Positive For COVID-19

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T revealed on his Hall of Fame radio show and Reality of Wrestling YouTube channel that he has tested positive for COVID-19. The 55-year-old noted that he was tested for the virus in June but never got his results back. He then received a call recently from the Center for Disease Control that his test came back positive.

“About an hour ago from the CDC and the CDC told me that yes, I have tested positive for the Coronavirus… back at the end of June,” Booker said. Co-host Brad Gilmore noted that they had talked on the show about him not feeling well and getting tested a few months back.

“I never got my result back. But they called me, rest assured, today, to tell me that back at the end of June when I got tested that I tested positive. I’ve had three tests since then and they all came back negative.”

Booker continued to talk about how he went 3 months without getting his test result back.

“It just goes to show you how bad that we really are with this system that we are working with as far as people are finding out if they have this or they don’t. I’m living proof, thank God that I’m still here,” he continued.

Booker also spoke about symptoms he experienced during this time.

“I know what I went through for a couple of weeks, I had headaches, I had night sweats. I lost my taste and smell for 2 weeks. Thank God, I was smart enough to quarantine from the family.”

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