Brie Bella Teases Major Decision for Total Divas, Nikki Talks Family and John Cena

WWE Bella Twins

– The Bella Twins recently spoke with E! Online to promote the return of WWE Total Divas on Sunday. Brie Bella admitted to having baby fever and told the website:

“You actually have to tune-in this season. Because there is a huge decision I have to make and it’s kind of crazy what the cameras caught so I’m really excited because it’s a really big moment in my life.”

Nikki talked about her family interfering in her relationship with John Cena on last season:

“The family drama was tough because you know, also being in entertainment, she (Brie) is the only one who truly has my back and is someone that I trust. And my family too. My mom’s my best friend, my brother, and so when I watched all that and saw what they did, one, I felt terrible for John. Like, how do you put him in that position? And two, I was beyond shocked that they would do that to me. And it was very difficult; it’s like one of those things that you could forgive but you can’t forget. And it’s still kind of difficult when I think about it, I kinda get a little pissed.”

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