Brock Lesnar and R-Truth RAW Segment Completely ‘Unscripted’

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar appeared on the January 13th episode of RAW alongside his ‘advocate’ Paul Heyman for a promo segment. During said promo segment then 24/7 Champion R-Truth appeared and cut a humorous promo, which involved threatening to eliminate Paul Heyman from the Royal Rumble match.

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently revealed that the segment between the two Superstars was completely ‘unscripted.’ Henry said that the idea was to have Brock not ‘mentally prepared’ for the segment so that he would react naturally.

“the business of that segment was to get Brock Lesnar to crack”

Henry appeared on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio alongside Bully Ray, who said “Mark. Let’s pull back the curtain a little bit okay? Because obviously the ‘business’ of that segment was to entertain on TV, but you know damn well backstage that the business of that segment was to get Brock to crack.” Henry then confirmed that the entire section with R-Truth appearing was completely unscripted: “Yes. And from what I’m understanding. Brock didn’t even know that was going to happen. It was completely kayfabe. That’s what I’m getting.”

“I never seen Brock Lesnar laugh that much since I’ve known him”

Henry also confirmed that his sources for the story were completely reliable. “It was was designed for Brock not to me mentally prepared to block it. And it worked because I never seen Brock laugh that much since I’ve known him.”

“the more that I saw Brock’s reaction? I realised it was true.”

Both Bully and Henry both claimed that Brock Lesnar has huge respect for Truth, as he is a veteran in the business. Therefore he would not have been ‘angry’ that Truth was trying to make him laugh live on television. It was also then revealed by Henry that Brock also had no idea that Truth would even be appearing for the segment. “This was purely Heyman and Truth” Henry revealed. “When I heard it, I was like, No, no. [But] like the more that I saw Brock’s reaction? I realised it was true. That’s the only way that he could break like that. There was no acting. Brock was reacting. And it was absolutely beautiful.”

It’s interesting that with the heavily scripted natured of WWE programming that such a big segment would be so ‘loose’ in structure. Although Henry did not reveal his source at WWE he is still a major name behind the scenes, so it is likely that he would have reliable contacts. We do not know at this time if the ‘unscripted’ style will be used with Brock going forward, or if it was just purely used as an entertaining aside for RAW heading into the Royal Rumble.

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