Brock Lesnar’s UFC Past Mentioned On RAW, WWE On Moscow

WWE made several references to UFC on Monday night, something the company was reportedly against just a few weeks ago.

Before RAW went on the air, the USA Network aired a cut-in from the Verizon Center where Michael Cole told viewers that RAW would be going live in a matter of minutes – and mentioned former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is in the house. During RAW, both Cole and Brock Lesnar mentioned Lesnar’s UFC past. It is unknown at this time what led to the change in policy regarding mentioning UFC on WWE television.

As we saw on RAW, the storyline behind Brock Lesnar’s return is that John Laurinaitis brought Lesnar in to bring “legitimacy” back to WWE and take out John Cena once and for all.

UFC and WWE have worked together before as it relates to Brock Lesnar. WWE allowed UFC to use WWE footage of Lesnar when Lesnar first entered the UFC. UFC also gave WWE the green light to feature Brock Lesnar in the WWE ’12 video game.

– The WWE RAW crew is headed overseas today for the company’s annual post-WrestleMania European tour. This year’s tour will include WWE’s first-ever live event in Moscow, Russia, with WWE already looking to return to Russia in 2013.

Approximately 6,000 tickets have already been sold for Wednesday’s show and WWE is hoping for a sellout. As previously reported, Triple H is being advertised for this week’s live event from Moscow – a sign that WWE is really trying to make an impact in the market prior to their return next year.

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