Bruce Prichard On Heat Between The Undertaker & Hulk Hogan

WWE Bruce Prichard

On the latest episode of “Something To Wrestle”, Bruce Prichard discussed why The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan had heat following their match at Survivor Series 1991. Here are the highlights:

On Rumors That Taker Injured Hogan During The Match:

I heard all that and I watched it back, several times, and it looked like that ‘Taker could have probably gotten run over by a mack truck and he had such a tight hold of Hogan that there was nothing that was going to happen to Hulk. Is what it is.

I think knowing ‘Taker, he would never, ever intentionally hurt anybody and certainly he was going to be extra careful that night with Hulk Hogan and it looked good to me.

On If Taker Really Had Heat Towards Hogan:

Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I think he did. I think that to him, this is the biggest moment of his career and, yes, he did.

On If He Thinks Hogan Was Trying To Ruin Taker’s Moment:

I don’t think Hulk was shitting on his moment, I just think whatever happened happened, and again, not being there, I’ve never talked to Hulk about it.

On If Hogan’s Claim Hurt Taker’s Reputation:

I don’t believe that there was. I really and truly don’t believe that anybody thought that he was dangerous in any way, shape, or form.

On If Taker Caught Any Heat From Vince After The Match:

Nope, not at all. They watched it, best of my knowledge, they watched it back and went, ‘OK, let’s go find out what happened.’ But I don’t think that anybody thought that ‘Taker was dangerous by any stretch of the imagination.

You can listen to the podcast below:

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