“Bully Ray” Bubba Dudley Returns to WWE


The counter starts and out comes “Bully Ray” Bubba Dudley to a big pop.

Dudley hits the ring and unloads on Miz. He hits the big elbow to the head and a scoop slam. Truth watches from the top rope. Dudley holds Miz’s legs while Truth does the “what’s up” headbutt. Dudley looks confused. Fans chant “ECW” as Dudley approaches Truth like he’s Devon. Dudley tells Truth to get the tables and starts a “tables” chant. Miz attacks Truth from behind but Truth and Dudley hit a 3D. Dudley tosses The Miz and he is eliminated. R-Truth dropkicks Dudley. Luke Harper is the next man out. Dudley eliminates Truth as Harper makes his way to the ring.

Harper and Dudley come face to face before trading shots. Harper blocks the Bubba Bomb but gets dropped with a clothesline after some back and forth. The timer starts up again and out next is Bray Wyatt with his usual entrance. This is Wyatt’s first Royal Rumble. Wyatt hits the ring and yells at Dudley. They have a staredown. Harper attacks Dudley from behind. Harper and Wyatt stomp away on Bubba. Dudley fights them off as fans chant for Devon. Harper hits a big boot on Dudley. Wyatt tosses Dudley out and he is eliminated.

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