Cain Velasquez comes to the aid of Rey Mysterio

Cain Velasquez takes down Shelton Benjamin

With Crown Jewel just a few days away, this week’s WWE Raw included various key moments. Ric Flair announced the last member of Team Flair and Sin Cara battled Andrade. Rey Mysterio, who was last seen when he accompanied Cain Velasquez to the ring when he confronted Brock Lesnar, also made an appearance. Let us take a look at how Cain Velasquez came to Rey Mysterio’s defence yet again. This week’s WWE Raw took place at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mysterio started the night by talking about training with Velasquez and prepping him to defeat The Beast for the WWE title during the Crown Jewel on October 31. The Master of the 619 also thanked his fans for their well-wishes for him as well as his son Dominic.

However, Paul Heyman interrupted Mysterio. Heyman promised Mysterio and Velasquez pain on October 31, while saying that Mysterio lived in ‘perceptual prison’ as he thinks there is a man who can take on The Beast. Heyman believes that Mysterio has served Velasquez on a silver platter, and Lesnar has been waiting for revenge after the former defeated and gave him a scar during the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Mysterio cut Heyman off but was himself interrupted by Shelton Benjamin‘s entry. Benjamin called out Mysterio for hiding behind Velasquez for defending him and his son as he cannot do it himself. Mysterio responded by telling Benjamin that it does not work that way and it is a ‘family thing’. Benjamin, however, proceeded to provoke Mysterio by saying that Lesnar is his friend and it is a family matter for him as well.

He even asked Mysterio about the whereabouts of Velasquez, and where he is when Mysterio needs him to save himself. As if on cue, Velasquez entered. The MMA legend proceeded to take down Benjamin till the latter tapped out and went back limping. In the end, the entire event was the perfect promo for the upcoming Cain Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar brawl at the Crown Jewel.

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