Chris Jericho Comments On WWE’s ThunderDome

The new ThunderDome concept WWE introduced last week has generally been praised by the fans and it appears that the former AEW Champion Chris Jericho is liking the concept as well.

The former World Champion returned for his Saturday Night Live stream yesterday where he talked about things like his WWE theme song and more.

Talking about the Thunderdome concept, Jericho praised the idea saying that he thinks it’s great that the company has decided to get out of the Performance Center because it was killing their vibe:

“I loved it; I loved the presentation of it. It looked great, I think it’s great that WWE got out of the Performance Center;

I think it was really killing their vibe because it’s just a warehouse, do you know what I mean? It has nothing to do with – at least dress it up, or dark it up, or whatever it was, but the ThunderDome looked cool.”

Chris went on to say that the only thing that was confusing him were that the fans in the background were not making a lot of noise but the former WWE star said that it looked very cool.

Apart from this, Chris Jericho also talked about the stiff workers he has faced in his career and more. You can check out the latest episode of his Saturday Night Special below:

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