Chris Jericho Returns to NJPW, Attacks Tetsuya Naito

Chris Jericho Returns to NJPW, Attacks Tetsuya Naito

Chris Jericho has returned to New Japan Pro Wrestling. He attacked Tetsuya Naito last night/this morning on night 2 of Wrestling Dontaku 2018.

Jericho had previously said he was done with NJPW but reports surfaced earlier this week that he had been spotted in Japan. He was dressed as a Los InGobernables fan and wearing a mask. As Naito was exiting the ring area following his match Jericho attacked him.

Naito was busted wide open during the melee.

Chris Jericho Attacks Tetsuya Naito

Security and the Young Lions were unable to pry the masked Jericho off Naito as Callis and Kelly speculated he was some overzealous fan. After beating him up for awhile he rolled him back into the ring. Jericho then fumbled to get his mask off which drew a bit of laughter. When the crowd realized it was him, however, they reacted pretty positively, even getting a few Y2J chants.

Jericho then grabbed the ring bell and cracked Naito over the head with it, busting him wide open in the process.

Chris Jericho versus Tetsuya Naito

Naito and Jericho had a slight back and forth in the days leading up to WrestleKingdom this year. Naito took exception to Jericho calling the show a double main event despite his match with Kazuchika Okada closing the show. Jericho later attacked Naito at the New Beginning. It looked like a match was going to be made between the two, possibly scheduling it for Strong Style Evolved but then it seemed as though Jericho was done with NJPW.

Jericho even teased earlier this week that he was in Tampa with his family

Tetsuya Naito recently defeated Minoru Suzuki for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. Since then, however, he has refused to wear the title or carry it with him to the ring. Kevin Kelly has said Naito is doing this because he feels NJPW has too many title belts.

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