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Chris Jericho Talks Difference Between AEW & Other Promotions (Video)

Chris Jericho recently appeared on AEW’s Canadian broadcast partner TSN and spoke about the difference between AEW and other promotions.

The interview was filmed shortly after the recent Dynamite held in Nashville. Jericho and Sammy Guevara dropped a tag team title match to SCU on the show. Jericho was asked about the match to begin the interview.

“Well, obviously I won and if I didn’t win, do you think I’d say otherwise?” Jericho distorted the truth. “I am le Champion and needless to say, I captivated the Nashville crowd here and they are holding a parade in my honor tomorrow.”

Jericho was also asked about the differences between the many wrestling organizations active today.

“I think the biggest difference between all the companies is there’s just a lot more of a sense of creative freedom in AEW,” Jericho said on the show. “It’s more really ‘live without a net’ and when we say live TV, it really is. A lot less planning, which sometimes things go off the rails but always in a good way.”

“I think when things are over-analyzed and over-thought it becomes a little bit sterile, and a little bit saccharine,” Jericho continued. “We don’t have that in AEW so it’s a lot more a wild west mentality.”

The hosts of the show also noted that the ratings for AEW in Canada have been quite good. This was also noted by AEW President Tony Khan during the post-Full Gear media scrum. Khan also said they hope to throw events in Canada in 2020.

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