CM Punk Advised Cain Velasquez To Be A Team Player Ahead Of WWE Debut

WWE Cain Velasquez with Rey Mysterio

CM Punk had some words of advice for Cain Velasquez, who is set to make his in-ring debut for WWE on October 31 at the Crown Jewel event.

Velasquez is a former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion. He spoke to ESPN regarding his WWE debut, where he stated that he spoke to some people who worked for MMA and pro wrestling companies, and revealed what advice they gave him.

“CM Punk, I talked to. I’ve talked to Travis [Browne] a little bit. In the beginning, when I started thinking of getting into [wrestling], talking to him, he was just really happy with what Ronda was doing. So I talked to him and I was like that’s cool, you know. He had really positive stuff to say about working with WWE and you know, doing the whole pro wrestling. So, he said good things about it. DC [Daniel Cormier] obviously is the ultimate fan. He watches this stuff all the time, so he has great insight. He’s all for it. It’s all positive stuff that he’s telling me.”

He was further asked what CM Punk told him.

Velasquez said that Punk advised him to be a team player in WWE. “He said, as far as getting into it, you just gotta be a team player, right? And just know that we’re all working together as a company to better everything for ourselves. Come to the end of the day, it’s business as well. You just have to be okay with what you have and what you’re being compensated for in order to go out and perform.”

Velasquez added that he’s having a lot of fun with his new gig at WWE and he’s having a blast. “I think what I’m doing is fun as s–t. So I’m having fun with it. I’m having a blast.”

CM Punk had left the company on bad terms in 2014, but it looks like things could be getting better between both parties.

Cain Velasquez is set to face Brock Lesnar at the upcoming WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on October 31. He has reportedly retired from UFC and has signed a multi-year deal with the wrestling company.

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