CM Punk and John Cena Are Possibly Injured During UK Live Events

John Cena - CM Punk

CM Punk and John Cena Are Possibly Injured During UK Live Events on Thursday in Leeds, England.

– New reports from the current WWE European tour note that John Cena was really hurting after having to wrestle every night, just a short time after returning to the ring before his body could fully heal.

While John Cena was facing Alberto Del Rio, Cena went down after whipping Del Rio into the corner and reportedly went to the floor to stall for time. Del Rio ended up working the fans while Cena checked on his ankle. At one point, the referee threw up the “X” and stopped the match. Cena went on to finish the match but was said to be favoring his ankle, according to fans in attendance. Cena walked out on his own and one fan speculated that Cena was just selling very good. A new report says that John Cena was fine after his match with Alberto Del Rio in Leeds on Thursday.

– After CM Punk and Daniel Bryan defeated Erick Rowan and Luke Harper with Punk hitting GTS on Rowan, CM Punk stayed down after the pin with his head on the mat for a minute or two. A referee and Bryan checked on Punk before leaving the ring. Punk went straight to the back while Bryan stayed around to celebrate with fans. Also, CM Punk did land bad towards the end of the match but seemed to be fine after his match.

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