CM Punk On How Brock Lesnar Is In Real Life

CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

ESPN will be running a Brock Lesnar marathon this Sunday and the channel will be showing content related to the Beast including some of his UFC bouts throughout the day.

Before this marathon, the organization spoke to many WWE superstars and other personalities of his life and asked them to describe the current WWE Champion in real life.

When they asked former WWE star CM Punk about Lesnar, the Straight Edge Star said that he doesn’t want to ruin his image, but described the former UFC star as a sweetheart:

“I don’t want to ruin his image, I think he’s a f—in’ sweetheart. This is a guy, when I got into MMA and I left wrestling, he was texting me, ‘Hey, if you need any help.’ I’m always kind of a standoffish guy. It’s hard to open up and trust people in the pro wrestling world. I think Brock has got a big heart, and that’s something a lot of people don’t talk about. “

Punk also discussed his match with Lesnar from SummerSlam 2013. He said that he didn’t know if the Monsterous Athlete would be receptive to any ideas. However, the match turned out to be fun and it was everything he loves about wrestling.

Rey Mysterio On The Human Side Of Brock Lesnar

Rey Mysterio who was there for Brock Lesnar’s first run with WWE recalled how Lesnar had become miserable during his run and explained how this shows the human side of him:

“I remember at one point Brock being miserable, This is right before he left WWE in 2004 the first time. We were going to Europe, and my wife and I were sitting right behind Brock on the charter plane. I just saw Brock biting the f— out of his nails and looking at a picture of one of his kids.

It really hit him, the fact that he had to travel so much. That was the human side of him. The father instinct that he has. Shortly after that, he was like, ‘I’ve gotta get out of here, bro. I can’t f—ing do this anymore.’”

Mysterio went on to claim that seeing Lesnar like that put things into perspective for him and it made him see his personal life in a different way as well.

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