CM Punk On Hulk Hogan: “I’ve Met Him. I Like Him Even Less Now”

CM Punk WrestleMania 29 Press Conference

Former WWE superstar and current WWE Backstage analyst CM Punk participated in WINDY CITY LIVE’S 2 Minute Warning, where the Second City Savior was asked about his favorite wrestler growing up.

Rowdy Roddy Piper. Hands down.

When the interviewer mentioned Hulk Hogan as an option, Punk fired back by stating that he was never a Hogan guy.

No, I wasn’t a Hogan guy. I’ve met him and I like him even less now.

Check out the full clip below, where Punk talks about his Royal Rumble title showdown with The Rock, his guilty pleasure of eating Ramen, and his new horror movie Girl on the Third Floor.

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