CM Punk On Possible Wrestling Return: “I Think I’ve Always Been Open To It”


CM Punk continues to talk about a potential wrestling return while doing promotional work for his latest film, Girl on the Third Floor. 

He did so while making an appearance on Barstool Sports’ My Mom’s Basement podcast where he discussed being open to the idea compared to when he first left WWE that got ugly. 

“Absolutely,” Punk responded before stating that he’s always been asked that question for the last five years but no matter what he says, it gets warped into clickbait.

He noted that he’s gone through many iterations of people saying that he hates wrestling but that was never the case.

“I think I’ve always been open to it. My attitude has always been that I don’t see it happening. I think I’ve talked about it more recently, but my attitude hasn’t changed. People always ask what would it take to go back, and I say it would take a big bag. So people use their imaginations.”

The offer made by AEW was brought which Punk has previously stated and did so again that he didn’t like the way it was done. He didn’t see it as a formal offer. 

Punk keeps that in mind but also brought up how there is not a lot of AEW content out there for him to watch. He added that he likes what The Young Bucks are doing as he sees it as “very punk rock.”

“I’m that white whale in pro wrestling,” he joked. “I don’t know if that freaks people out on how to approach me, it is what it is. I’m open to the idea, I haven’t been approached properly. I’m not courting anyone to show up with a dozen roses at my front door.”

While AEW may not be an option for Punk at this time, the possibility of him returning to WWE is there should he wish to do so. 

A return to in-ring action may never happen but with him doing a tryout for the WWE Backstage show on FS1, never say never regarding him having an on-air personality role with the company. 

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