CM Punk On Possibly Upsetting WWE On Backstage: “That’s The Appeal of the Job”

WWE CM Punk 2013

CM Punk made his first announced appearance on WWE Backstage this week and he made it clear that he will be pulling no punches when it comes to giving his thoughts on WWE programming.

He called out the company for a number of recent segments which includes describing the Baron Corbin segment from the latest SmackDown as ‘garbage’.

When asked if he is worried about his comments possibly upsetting WWE officials during his interview with The Herd with Colin Cowherd, the Straight Edge Star replied negatively, saying that it’s the appeal of the job:

“I’m not concerned about it, I think honestly that’s the appeal of the job, I think deep down I loved pro wrestling as a kid and I think it can be better. I always voiced my concerns and criticisms while I worked there, and now I don’t work there and now I can’t get in trouble for it.”

Punk went on to compare his job to Colin who also works as an NFL analyst for Fox in a similar position, and said that he is not here to play a spoiler, but he is not here to pour gasoline and set everything on fire either.

Apart from this, CM Punk also repeated his comments from WWE Backstage about the current product being too overproduced and said that people should be allowed to breathe and be themselves.

You can check out Punk’s comments in the video below:

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