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CM Punk Talks About Returning To Pro Wrestling (Prefers AEW)

CM Punk is on the latest episode of Renée Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast. The former WWE Champion and UFC fighter discusses still being known as a pro wrestler despite everything else he’s done, the story of his return to WWE on Backstage, his thoughts on Vince McMahon cracking down on third-party revenue streams like Twitch, whether he believes wrestlers will unionize, his impact on the wrestling business, acting,  possible future projects, his wife’s writing projects, what went wrong with his UFC fighting career, the difference between Vince McMahon and Dana White, doing MMA commentary for CFC and WWE commentary horror stories with Vince on the headset. 

Renée of course asked Punk the million-dollar question which was will he ever return to pro wrestling. Punk states that that the landscape has changed since he left, so if the scenario is right, he will be willing to listen. He says there is the baggage with WWE, of course, so in this hypothetical situation, AEW makes the most sense for that. He mentions names like Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks as possible opponents.

Punk talks about never wanting just to be a WWE wrestler talking about working in Japan and size being a factor previously.

Renée mentioned facing Samoa Joe one more time in WWE and Punk says he would, but knows he won’t have the same creative freedom given to them in Ring of Honor. Punk makes clear, though, that his current focus is on acting.