CM Punk WWE Backstage Interview: Full Video & Recap

CM Punk Hidden Before His WWE Backstage

CM Punk made his official debut on WWE Backstage last night on FS1. Punk made an unadvertised appearance during the closing moments of last week’s episode. During this week’s show, Punk spoke with Renee Young about what led to him signing with Fox to be on the show.

“Wrestling and what I’m doing now are two completely different things,” Punk said. “I do not work with, have any kind of relationship with, have talked to anybody in WWE, this is strictly a me and Fox thing and I think that’s a very interesting dynamic.”

Then Punk noted his role on WWE Backstage is similar to something he’s very famous for: criticizing WWE.

“Because here I am, someone who is not employed by WWE and let’s get down to it, I get to criticize the product and that is something I’ve always done, I think that’s what made me popular.”

Will CM Punk Ever Be Back In A WWE Ring?

Perhaps one of the more notable topics brought up during the show was when Renee asked Punk if he’ll ever get back in a WWE ring.

“Regardless of what my answer is, there’s somebody that’s always going to be upset with it,” Punk said. “As I’ve stated, I work for Fox, I haven’t talked to anybody in WWE. It’s nothing that I’m actively pursuing or interested in but I’m 41 and I’ve lived an experienced life where I know not to say no but that’s going to be a bridge that is going to have to be built and it might take as long as building the Great Wall of China because there are some hurdles there.”

CM Punk On WWE’s Current Product

  • Punk would also say that WWE today is similar to how it was when he left, saying it was over-produced and micro-managed.
  • He liked a lot of the women’s wrestling but felt the Women’s Revolution hashtag felt forced.
  • He also mentioned he likes NXT as he always saw himself as an indy guy.
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