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Cody Rhodes On What Goals They Have For AEW In 2020

2019 has been an incredible year for both Cody Rhodes and AEW and within a year of their official launch, the company has reached many milestones such as selling 100,000 tickets in a calendar year.

During a recent interview with TV Insider, the AEW Vice President Cody Rhodes opened up about the company’s performance in the last year and more.

When asked what goals they have for the promotion heading into year two, the former WWE star claimed that they will be expanding upon their mission statement of becoming an alternative to WWE:

“Looking at 2020, we have to expand upon the missions statement. That’s always my goal when I’m out there. The mission statement that we have to be the alternative.

We can get in the weeds on counter-programming on Wednesday nights and talk about ratings and use the word war and all that stuff, but we have to stick to our mission statement of being an alternative. Be sports-centric.”

One of the ways AEW has used to differentiate themselves from WWE is the inclusion of many different styles of wrestling in their programming, in an attempt to give everyone something to watch.

However this approach has also led to some criticism from fans and addressing this response, the AEW official said that they just want to make sure they key in their mission statement:

“That’s something people have been critical of here and there. The show is a buffet and sometimes the foods are vastly different. That can be a little offensive, but I just want to make sure we key in on our mission statement. And we key in on our outreach to fans.”

Apart from this, Cody Rhodes also talked about his ongoing rivalry with MJF and revealed that the young star has been removed from the media list by Brandi Rhodes.

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