Corey Graves On How WWE Stars Feel About Going To Saudi Arabia For Crown Jewel 2019

wwe announcer Corey Graves

The Saudi Arabian shows of WWE are one of the most successful but controversial events produced by the company. While many of the top talents have decided to keep their distance from these shows, no star has publicly revealed their feelings on the matter.

Corey Graves spoke to Sports Illustrated recently in order to promote his upcoming “After the Bell” podcast where among other things the SmackDown commentator also explained how the WWE stars feel about going to the country.

The former NXT star said that most of the talents like the trip because of it being a good payday. He then went on to claim that it’s a super exciting show if you take the political feeling out of it:

“It’s a long, grueling trip over there, but most of the talent like it because it’s a pretty good pay day, to me, it’s super exciting to have these totally unusual attractions like Cain Velasquez-Brock Strowman and Tyson Fury-Braun Strowman.

If you take any sort of political feeling out of the equation, aren’t you, as a fan of WWE, aren’t you curious and excited to watch these attractions?”

While the Saudi Arabian shows continue to feature many big names, the controversy surrounding the original Crown Jewel event made some stars reconsider their decision.

Names such as Daniel Bryan and John Cena have avoided working in the country since then but these stars have never commented on the matter publicly.

The After the Bell podcast will premiere this Wednesday and the inaugural episode of the show will feature stars such as Triple H, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley.

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