Daniel Bryan Talks About Prince Devitt, Kenta,Kevin Steen, WWE 2K15 & His Status

Daniel Bryan

– Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald spoke with Daniel Bryan during SummerSlam weekend to promote WWE 2K15 and more. Below are some highlights:

WWE 2K15 and video games:
“It’s weird because I’m not a video game player. I haven’t had a video game system since the Nintendo. Then, all of sudden, you see these new games, and they are so lifelike. I was playing the ‘WWE 2K15.’ I was Cesaro versus Goldust. I was like, ‘This is incredible. This is actually what Cesaro looks like.’ Randy Orton has this scar on his hand, and it’s in the video game. It’s incredible.”

His status and staying optimistic:
“That’s the frustrating part. It’s been great because Brie has been such an integral part of the storylines the last couple of weeks. So that’s been fun. I actually don’t have much free time since I’m doing so much physical therapy. …It’s hard because I don’t have a timetable of when I’m coming back. Say if I get another surgery, it’s going to be another three months. Three months ago in WWE it was different than what it is right now, so it’s hard to tell [who I would be working against when I return]. I don’t get too down. This kind of issue has happened to a lot of people with nerve problems. The nervous system is so crazy and complex. The weirdest part is the lack of strength in my arm. So I do get mildly concerned that it won’t come back, but I’m pretty positive.”

WWE signing Prince Devitt, Kenta and Kevin Steen:
“I think it’s awesome. Not only is it great for those guys, but it’s great for everyone on the roster because then they get to wrestle those guys. I learned so much wrestling Kenta. That’s one of the reasons I got here. Now Kenta is in NXT. The guys who get to wrestle Kenta, for one, they are going to be very sore because he kicks very hard. Two, they are going to learn a lot. It’s the same thing for guys like Sami Zayn and Kevin Steen and Devitt. Those guys are going to do really well, but the people who wrestle them are going to learn a lot.”

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