Daniel Bryan talks about Wrestling CM Punk in front of 35 People

USairwayscenter.com is featuring an interview with WWE star Daniel Bryan where he recalls wrestling CM Punk in front of 35 to now facing him for the WWE Championship at a big WWE Pay Per View event with Money in the Bank this Sunday.

“I want to say it was 2005. We probably wrestled in front of 35 people and we probably wrestled for 45 minutes. We’re pretty far removed from that now. When you’re doing things like going out and wrestling at WrestleMania in front of 70,000 people. Or wrestling this Sunday at US Airways Center. I know that’s going to be a packed house. It’s pretty incredible to walk out and see thousands upon thousands of people out there, but not just out there, but into what you’re doing and looking forward to seeing you. That’s a pretty cool feeling.

The first time CM Punk and I wrestled was in 2004, and we’ve become more complete wrestlers. We’ve both become better wrestlers. I would like to think that as we’ve progressed and as we’ve gotten better, that the matches have gotten better and have become more intense. We hit each other harder now than we hit each other then, which is great for the fans, although not so great for us (laughs). So yeah, I would like to think we’ve both evolved in good ways.”

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