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Dean Ambrose Talks About Possibly Winning WWE Title at Payback

dean ambrose and seth rollins

– Michael Cole’s latest sitdown interview features Dean Ambrose, as seen above. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks about competing for the WWE World Heavyweight Title in the Fatal 4 Way at Payback and asks if he ever thought this day would come. Ambrose says anyone who gets in the business and wants to achieve anything, see themselves going for the title. Ambrose didn’t expect it to happen when he walked into RAW last week but here it is. Ambrose says he didn’t even go out of his way to get the shot… he just does his thing, he’s really good and he just tries to win as much as possible, stay alive and healthy. Ambrose says good things come your way when you put out positive energy.

* Cole brings up how fans have been gravitating towards Ambrose and brings up how social media believes he’s the favorite to win on Sunday. Cole asks if that puts pressure on Ambrose and he laughs social media off, saying he doesn’t like it. He says he doesn’t want anyone to be knowing what he’s doing at all time. Ambrose doesn’t feel the need to tweet anyone anything. Ambrose doesn’t care if people think he’s going to win or not but if they want him to win, that’s cool.

* Cole brings up the former members of The Shield being in this match and asks if Ambrose thought what would happen if they stuck together. He says the plan all along was to plant new seeds with them and create a new, fresh WWE with the group on top and in retrospect, this is what they wanted since day one. Cole asks about a WWE with Dean Ambrose as champion. He says it will be so fun but Stephanie McMahon and Triple H will be so mad, as will the whole Authority. Ambrose says it will be troubling times for him if he wins because The Authority will do anything to get the title off him. Ambrose laughs at the idea of him being the new face of WWE.




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