Does The WWE Title Design Need Changing? John Cena Thinks So..

– FOR 6 years, the primary design of the WWE Championship has remained the same. When John Cena was WWE Champion in April 2005, he changed the design of the WWE Championship to reflect his rapper gimmick. John Cena revealed on Twitter today that he feels a change is long overdue.

In response to a fan asking him if he thought the title design needing changing, Cena tweeted: “Yes. I have thought that for 3 years. Either classic or new. It needs a change.”

The design has undergone some minor changes, for example prior to No Mercy 2007 the center WWE logo spun around. There were a lot of fans who thought WWE should have used a new design following the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and John Cena at Summerslam earlier this year.

Several superstars, other than John Cena, have had a custom design of the WWE Championship but after they lost the title it always eventually reverted back to the previous design. Other custom designs include: The Miz’s ‘M’ design (the WWE logo was flipped upside down), Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Smoking Skull design and Superstar Billy Graham’s red leather strap.


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