Drew McIntyre On Wanting To Be A Locker Room Leader And The War Between Raw and Smackdown

Drew McIntyre

During his appearance on “The Bump”, Drew McIntyre discussed his desire to be a locker room leader and the upcoming battle between Raw and Smackdown. Here’s what he had to say:

Yeah and that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to be a leader. I think it’s pretty cool seeing a fellow Celt, Becky [Lynch] is number one as well and the boys The OC have been my boys as well going so high so I’m excited about the roster we have, but we also have a lot of raw talent that haven’t quite reached a potential yet. My first kind of mantra when I first come back to WWE was I’m going to eradicate complacency. Anyone that reminds me of a young me, that forgot your opportunity, you know just phoning it in, collecting a paycheck if you remind me of that young version of me, I’m gonna kick you out here.

Now, I’m still going to do that if you don’t do something about it and work hard, but now you got an opportunity to come to me, come to some of the leaders ask what you can do to get better. Look yourself in the mirror ask if you’re doing everything cause now’s the time, now is war as far as I’m concerned. You gotta pull your part. We can win this thing. We can beat Smackdown, we can beat Fox just all gotta pull your weight and with Paul Heyman at the helm, we got an ECW vibe going on as far as I’m concerned.

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