EC3 Claims WWE ‘Stole’ Raw Underground Concept

EC3 WWE Raw debut

Former WWE Superstar EC3 has claimed that WWE “stole” the Raw Underground concept from him. EC3 was let go from the company earlier this year. He subsequently released a shoot-style video that bore a lot of resemblance to what Raw Underground would ultimately present.

Joining the ROHStrong podcast, EC3 claimed he “knew it was going to be stolen, so I was prepared for it. I didn’t know it’d go to that length, and I know mine played to a minor bubble of the professional wrestling audience while majority of it saw whatever the hell they put out there.”

He went on to compare the situation to the 1992 movie Wayne’s World. EC3 explained how he was “[…] producing this show in Aurora, my basement with my buddy Garth. We’ll call him J.C. in this instance, and then Rob Lowe came in, bought us and when I saw Shane McMahon in the ring, not in a real underground, mine was a real underground.”

EC3 described WWE’s take on the underground shoot-style presentation as a “[…] manufactured, heartless, desolate studio, I’m looking at Shane and it felt like when Noah was rapping on Wayne’s World after they bought him out. It was just inauthentic and like I said, it had no heart.”

He stressed that, although he “knew something would’ve been taken from it,” he didn’t expect WWE to simply replicate the “whole aesthetic.”

EC3 noted that it’s always a challenge to do something different. That being said, he stressed he plans on doing bigger and better things in ROH.

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