EC3 on WWE: “The Very Top Is Micromanaging To An Extremely Dangerous Level”

Former WWE Superstar EC3 recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. During the interview with the show, EC3 discussed his leaving WWE and being able to fully to his character and “control the narrative” on Ethan Carter III.

Co-host of the show Bully Ray asked EC3 what he felt was the biggest issue with the company right now.

EC3 on ‘The Top’ of WWE

“Like with anything? It starts at the top” EC3 began, discussing his former place of work. “And I think the top? The very very top? Is micromanaging to an extremely dangerous level, where there’s no trust in the lieutenants, the majors and the generals to do anything.”

“Everything goes through the top” EC3 continued, clearly alluding to WWE CEO Vince McMahon. “And when the tops inundated with so much business? A lot gets lost. You just mentioned it’s a broken system, and it seems like it.”

EC3 then admitted that he hasn’t been following WWE recently (understandably) but he feels that they could be doing a lot more with their stacked roster of talent. “I’m not following the product, but they have the most talented roster in the world. And the product becomes unwatchable and insufferable sometimes. But, if I’m a leader? Which I’ve been in some cases, not to that level, but as a leader? instead of passing blame to people and firing them, sometimes it comes down on me. And so, leadership starts at the top.”

This comments echo those made by Eric Young recently, another talent released by WWE.

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