EC3 Reveals He Lost His Passion For Wrestling Because Of His “Past Few Years”

IMPACT superstar EC3 recently spoke to Metro UK to talk all things pro-wrestling, including how the former world champion lost his passion for the business due to how his career was going the last few years.

I would say 100% [I stopped watching wrestling] because of the past few years. ‘I was so unhappy with it that I had to disconnect myself from it – OK this is a job. This isn’t passion, this isn’t love – a lot of people hate their jobs, and it sucks, it’s really hard to do. I hadn’t watched stuff I loved from the past for a long time, but I noticed when I’m thriving off the passion and emotion of what I’m doing, I’m more engaged with studying things from the past and reviewing why I chose to sacrifice so much to come this far.

EC3 was released by WWE back in April due to the COVID-19 cutbacks. He has since returned to his former company on the IMPACT on AXS following the Slammiversary pay per view.

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