Edge On Who He Thinks Should Headline Wrestlemania 35 & More

Edge Returns at SmackDown 1000

Edge was a recent guest on “Inside The Ropes”. During the interview, he discussed why he believes Drew McIntyre is the guy who should main event Wrestlemania 35 and more. Here are the highlights:

Edge On Drew McIntyre Deserving To Headline Wrestlemania 35:

It’s not just because we’re here [in Scotland]. I would say if we were in Boise, Idaho. I would say if we were in Jackson, Mississippi. I would say if we were in Kalamazoo, Michigan… Drew McIntyre.

I’ve always really liked Drew. We’ve always gotten along. He’s always come to me for advice and I know he actually comes because he wants advice, not just because it’s the political thing to do. He implements that advice or tries to and if it doesn’t work for him, that’s fine.

Edge On Comparing McIntyre To Christian:

You had Christian, who was really the first guy who left WWE to go somewhere else and he went to a smaller company. Fast forward a few years and Drew did the same thing. Drew wasn’t happy with where he was at. He wasn’t satisfied with where he was at, so he left and he made changes. He realized that he had to make changes to himself. A lot of time talents don’t want to admit that. They think it’s everyone else’s fault or it’s the company’s fault.

What Drew did is he went, ‘I’ll go and wrestle all across the world. I will build myself into looking like I can kill a country.

On McIntyre’s Marketability:

Drew walks out and stands eye-to-eye with [Strowman] and I’m like, ‘Whoa! Okay, that kid is marketability to me.’ He backs it up with ability, a great mindset and a great attitude.

So, yeah, Drew McIntyre’s that guy to me.

You can check out the full Inside The Ropes interview with Edge below:

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