Edge Returning to the Ring for WWE Soon?

Edge Returns at SmackDown 1000

There continues to be internal talk about WWE Hall of Famer Edge wrestling for the company again.

We noted back in October how there was a lot of talk about Edge returning to the ring for WWE after he signed a new contract. Edge denied these reports after it was reported that he was in Pittsburgh for WWE business, which is where WWE’s Dr. Joseph Maroon is based. It was also reported that Edge talked with both WWE and AEW before signing a new WWE deal. PWInsider reports that Edge’s recent WWE contract has a “pretty nice upside” but there’s no word yet on how much the contract is for.

It was speculated by PWInsider that we will see Edge return to the ring soon for WrestleMania 36 season, perhaps beginning with a surprise appearance at the 2020 Royal Rumble. This has not been confirmed but it was also speculated that we will see The Rated R Superstar work a few matches on major events.

While Edge recently denied a ring return is in the works, PWInsider notes that the talk has persisted within WWE and that there continues to be chatter on how he is headed back to the ring.

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