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Edge Was In Talks With AEW Before Re-signing With WWE

Edge was involved in contract negotiations with AEW before finally deciding to re-sign with WWE.

AEW made a strong offer to the WWE Hall Of Famer to work behind the scenes as a producer or agent and also wrestle a handful of matches for the company, as far back as this past summer, after Vince McMahon nixed the idea of a proposed in-ring return by the Rated-R Superstar himself.

Edge ultimately chose to re-sign with WWE after getting clearance from their doctors. It is unknown if WWE found out about Edge’s contract talks with AEW but surely Vince McMahon didn’t want to take any chances and offered up a boat load of money his way. Wrestle Votes has also reported that Edge has signed a three year deal and will be handled as a special attraction performer going forward.

Edge had been training for an in-ring return for several months and had a ring set up for him in North Carolina so that he could train in secret. Getting reps at the Performance Center wasn’t an option as news would’ve spread of what was going on. WWE flew Edge to Houston and kept him away from Minute Maid Park up until his Rumble entrance.

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